Yee haw! "Saddle bag" for a steel guitar

I’ve only done a few leather-based projects on the GF but I had to try this one. This is the first proto of my orignal design tho I’m not likely to make another. I used an unusual “leather” so check it out.

I play pedal steel guitar which requires some accessories on the bandstand: assorted finger pics, tuner wrench, string changing crank, bar, and extra strings. It’s nice to have some kind of caddy, so I came up with this:

It’s a couple pieces of thick and thin leather, whip stitched together with leather lacing. The pouches are made by “loops,” riveted on the front. The design is supposed to be kind of like western leather tooling, but I went for a graphic look, based on different musical clefs.

It hangs from the tuner pegs of the steel guitar when in use holding the bar, crank, and wench at the ready in three sized pouches.

There’s a pocket formed by an accordion pleat that has a snap. Inside are finger and thumb picks (and an emergency mini tuning wrench).

Here’s the odd leather: I used pinto pony skin with the hair still on it for the hidden pocket in the back–that holds the extra strings. Kind of like a secret wild lining in a jacket. Glad the GF has a venting fan for the burning hair smell!

Yee Ha!


Practical cut of a different nature.

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Very nice!

I’ve been thinking about making something like this for my guitar rig, to hold a slide, capo, ebow, string winder, and a couple sets of strings. I might do a box. Something to sit on top of my amp.

Thanks for the inspiration. That hair lining is beyond cool.

Really well done. Nice to make exactly what you need, and be able to adorn it to your taste.