Yellow but stuck on focussing

My glow forge is stuck for 24 hours on yellow button and focussing

We work with these machine and we are getting delayed with orders
Please help

Check if the white ribbon cable going in to the print head has become loose or disconnected. That is one of the things that will turn the light yellow, and without a connection to the rest of the machine, the print head would not be able to focus.

Thank you Dan

Yes we already try but nothing!! And glow forge doesn’t answer and I have a big work load

You will have received an immediate email response from the GF automated system. If you didn’t get that, please check your SPAM folder and if you still can’t find it, update to this topic.

What is the temperature of the room you are running the Glowforge in?

Hi @adyrachel - I’m sorry to hear you’re having this trouble and I apologize for our delay in getting back to you!

As others have mentioned, a great first step here would be checking the printer head connection to make sure there’s no issues there.

I’d actually like to follow up with you via email on this ticket, as I’m having a bit of trouble locating a printer for your account on my end and I’d like to confirm some details with you.

Please give those steps a try, and keep an eye on your inbox.

Once I can confirm the printer on your account I can do a bit more research on my end for some more targeted help.

Since we’ll be moving to troubleshooting via email I’m also going to close this topic, and we can finish up via email.