Yellow button at the end of the work


I bought a Glowforge Basic at the end of March, I use it quite regularly (1h to 2h per day) and since yesterday, the blue button turns yellow for a few seconds at the end of work. I do not know if this is related to heat and a cooling problem or if there is a bad connection between the print head and the tape (I removed and repositioned the print head to see if it was the case and apparently not because the yellow light comes back even at the end).

Can you help me? because I’m afraid to reuse it and damage it …

thanks a lot for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

I think the only time the button should be blue is during the wifi set up. Normally it’s white. Maybe yellow is telling you it’s hot?

Yellow usually means too hot or too cold. What is the temperature in the GF room?

Make sure you don’t have some stuff right up against the right side of the machine, or that a loose piece of paper got sucked up on the bottom right–the air intake is the honeycomb holes on the underside of the machine, and early on I had similar yellow light at end of a job & it was because of a piece of paper got under the machine & was letting too much stuff get stacked up right next to the machine limiting the air flow INTO the machine for cooling.

Thank you for your help, we are in “peak” heat in France and it was around 35 ° C or 95F. Today it’s not as hot so I’ll see if it’s better … thank you


I assume you don’t have air conditioning?

The Pro can operate up to 27C, the others to 24C.

yes, indeed a small piece of paper was under the Glowforge. with a drop in temperature and a little clean under the laser cut, it works normally … thanks for the advice :star_struck:


no I have a small fan that I put next, but no air conditioning … I will be careful to check the outside temperature before using it …

It won’t damage the machine - that’s why it pauses, to “protect” itself.

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That would definitely do it, even the Pro with the additional cooling doesn’t do well at 35C. The Basic is supposed to max out at 24C.

I’m sorry to hear that you ran into trouble with your Glowforge. It’s great to see that you’ve received some advice from our other community members. I also saw that you emailed us, and I’ve sent you some additional information there, so I’m going to close this thread.