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Hi everyone. I’m hoping someone can help me with some things to check. On Saturday, I got a couple of errors saying the Head had been Bumped. I looked over my machine good and couldn’t find anything that would have caused it. Then the machine would just stop in the middle of a print - but it would just say there was an error.
Now as soon as I hit print - the button immediately turns to yellow and it says there is an error and the status says centering.
I am unable to print anything. There is not a temperature warning or notification. I did put a passive air cooler near the machine just in case. The 2.4 wifi seems to be working well on every other device.

Here’s what I have tried (and probably more)

Cleaned entire machine including the air assist fan, optics and exhaust fan.
Reseated the ribbon on the print head.
Restarted my computer, router and Glowforge
Put the printer head directly underneath the camera and started the machine (it’s good until I hit print)
Completely reconnected the wifi connection on the machine
Tried a different file (the camera is picking up the image of the bed)
Taken out all the materials on the bed

I sent a support request email last night. But I was just hoping you may have some other ideas.

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Yellow button accompanies a temperature issue but as there’s no warning in the UI, that’s unlikely the issue.

The other issue is generally a problem communicating with the head - connector, which you’ve checked, a bad cable, or the head itself. You could try to re-seat the head on the carriage plate to ensure that connection is good.

Support can look at the logs to confirm.


Thank you. I have tried that - several times. Not sure why I expect it to magically work - but I can hope.

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You might have overlooked something. I might have too. Just what I’ve seen over the years.


I sent my email to support on Sunday. I have heard anything. I did just get an email asking if I still need help. How long does it usually take?

I think I found the problem though. This is the white ribbon that goes to the print head.

Several business days.

If that is indeed the cause, the machine will have to be replaced. Sorry…

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Yes they are replacing it. Dang it! But at least they are fixing it.

Sending the unit back for a replacement is obviously expensive if not under warranty. The ribbon can be purchased on Etsy and replaced by someone comfortable with taking things apart. A number of people have done it and that’s what I will do if mine fails. But it’s not as easy as replacing the lid camera ribbon. Glowforge Laser Head Ribbon Cable 54 Long | Etsy


Thanks. It’s still under warranty. So I’m take care of that way.

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Wow. Had mine since 2017 and hasn’t been a problem yet. Obviously I’m not a heavy user.


Seems to be more common with owners that do a lot of engraving.

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