Yellow Button of Frustration

So, I’m on my third Glowforge Pro and I just received my latest machine on 11/13. Today I was doing an engrave (53 minutes total) and just a few minutes in, I get the yellow light and a message that it needs to cool down. It’s 63 degrees in the room. Several restarts later and I’m still getting the stupid yellow button. Fans look fairly clean, checked the connection on the white cable, completely unplugged it for over 10 minutes . . . . . just don’t know what to do.

Sent an email to support, but no answer yet. Any suggestions for what I can try while I wait?

Sounds like you’ve tried everything, so I have no suggestions, just an FYI: Posting here opens a support ticket, as does emailing, and the duplicates are one of the things that slows their response time. So next time just do one or the other. :wink:

Sorry for your troubles, hopefully they will get here soon to get you squared away!

Oh, wait, I do have one suggestion: in case for some reason it actually is overheating, don’t restart or unplug it. Just leave it in cooldown mode, because that runs the fans and will cool it faster than if it’s turned off.


Thank you - didn’t realize that posting opened a support ticket.

Machine is already off with the power cord out and lid open. Had to walk away. Not the best start to my day. I’ll just occupy myself till I hear from support.

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Oh no! I’m terribly sorry to hear about the trouble with the printer.

I’ve just sent you an email to request additional information about your Glowforge. I’ll continue to work on this with you there, so this post will be closed.