Yellow Button! Tried everything Ive seen

Did A longer Print Last night (Late) around 1:00am? came very close to finishing but at the end stopped moving, Fans stayed on and my Dashboard said “Cooling Alert” Let Machine cool down or contact support yada yada yada Its been of 16 hours now still same problem, Ive tried Everything on the forum I have seen as a fix. temp sensor? This is my second replacement Glowforge already

anybody out there that can help?

You didn’t say what type of machine or temperature of the room. A basic with temps near the maximum will never cool until the room does.


Basic, Easily 65 in here

I have seen many times that the connection of ribbon to the printer head gets a little bit iffy and it reads as a temperature problem. Alternatively you can reboot the Glowforge and see if the problem repeats. I had the bright orange lamp of death a couple of days ago (though no “cooling alert”) and even lifting the lid did not shut off the fan. Rebooting the Glowforge did of course shut down everything and working today did not resurface the problem.

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There has been more than one instance where a pin on the head connection was bent. Need to eliminate all possibilities, and that’s one of them.


I’m so sorry for the trouble.

I’ve made a small change that should get you back up and running.

Can you give it another try and let us know if you’re still having trouble?

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that worked!!! What was the issue??

They found a bug in the secret sauce?

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I’m glad to hear you’re up and printing! It looks like your unit just needed a small update that goes along with some of our recent changes regarding coolant monitoring:

I’m sorry for the trouble.