Yellow BUTTON!

Hi I got the yellow button a few days ago. I have cleaned the machine as suggested in the troubleshooting to include the back fan as best as possible. Temperature is with in range and the machine is indoors and no exposed to the elements in any way. I checked all the connections and everything seems good. I am frustrated as this happened so soon after purchase (a little over one year) I do not use is often and can say I have not used it enough for this issue to happen so soon. I emailed customer support a couple days ago but still no answer. If anyone can help please!!!

Thank you

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Is it doing anything else? Mine was doing a yellow button occasionally on cool down, but didnt stick around.

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From previous posts the yellow button can be a print head connection error. Check your ribbon cable and the pins for it, and the connection on the other end at the board in back left of machine.

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not doing anything at all just idle not even in use

Checked and all appears to be good :frowning: so frustrating and tech support wont reply to msg

This is the best info I could find on trouble steps for that issue, but you said you already did so likely just have to wait for support to reply.

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Did you get an auto response indicating they received your email?


I did on July 5th via email provided on the site. But I also reached out on the 4th via the chat application on the site. It took all my info along with the serial number and still nothing. Do you happen to know what is the turnaround on tech requests? online says 3 days but at the rate we are going and some of the posts I have read I am concerned it will be a lot longer. I also accidentally scheduled a call thinking it was for resolving issues over the phone and immediately got a response. Turns out it was for sales and they canceled the call as I was for a tech issue and not sale of a new machine. Not gonna lie that caused a bit of anger on my part. Any ideas would help. Thanks

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Sorry I can only go by what I’ve read on here. They are notoriously slow at getting back to people these days. Since you did get the auto response then they have you in the system and will deal with you eventually. I know that isn’t comforting.


There is no online chat option, nor email or phone. The only official way to contact support is to complete the “contact us” form which may look like a chat feature but it simply replaced the email - which is no longer published on the site.

Response is typically several business days, they do not work on weekends or holidays. I would not expect a response this week.


At what point in its start up are you getting the yellow button? Do you know how to download your logs? You can download them and there will be logs that will tell you about your print head. If there is anything g in there saying anything about “print head temp issues” then you likely will be needing a new white ribbon cable or a print head pin is damaged.

FYI, the only temp sensor in the machine is in the coolant system. There is no ambient temp sensor.


how do you download your logs ?

Been working with glowforge and appetency it can not be fixed remotely waiting on coat of fixing it kind of frustrating because machine is no more than 14 months old

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