Yellow light and laser not working. PleaseHelp!

Today I was cutting a file that I have cut many of time before. The file takes 27 minutes to cut. With one minute left the machine just stopped and a yellow light came on. I turned off the laser for a few minutes then turned it back on. I tired to cut again and the light was blue but when I started the cut my laser was not working! The print head is moving but no laser! All the fans, and lights are working correctly. it’s about 65 degrees in my basement so I know its not to hot! please help I have a huge craft show In 15 days!!!

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Yellow can mean temperature, but turning it off means the fans turned off so it couldn’t cool itself down!

It can also mean a lost connection, as in a cable has broken or come loose.

That it went straight to no laser might indicate the latter.
With the laser off
Check the connections and the cables that run from the head. Look for spots where the coating might have rubbed off, or see if the connector might have been pulled out sightly. Best case scenario it’s something simple you (or we if you post pictures) can spot. Middle case is you need a new cable of one sort of another. Worst case I’d you’ve blown the power supply to the laser.

Now! Being that you’re running a business you need a backup plan. Many folks but a 2nd laser, there may be a maker space in your area with a laser, or other Glowforge owners, or a JoAnns with a laser for rent. There are also people on Fiverr and equivalent who rent out space. Figure out a backup plan, even if it doesn’t work for this one. You’ll get better knowing you’ve got one next time you run into an issue!


If you’ve blown a power supply that will require a return to the mother ship - if you haven’t already you should open a ticket with Support (email, website, or Discord) as they’re the only ones who’ll be able to verify exactly what’s going on.

Open a ticket, then do the steps suggested above, and if you fix it you can close the ticket. If it’s still broken you’ll be ahead of the game.


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