Yellow Light "focusing" post clean

I did some cleaning yesterday, including taking off my inline fan attachment and cleaning the gf fan with qtips and papertowels to alleviate any build up. I also did some general wiping all around inside. Since doing so, I can’t progress past the golden light and the app stating “focusing.” I have restarted, checked connections, taken the print head off and replaced it to be sure it’s attached.
Now what? Thank you!!

It could be a crack in the black cable that feeds through to the camera on top. If you can get a new image on the screen then it is not that. I would also carefully inspect the connection to the head that there are no bent or discolored pins indicating an iffy connection there. :upside_down_face:


Thank you. I kept hunting the board and took lots of photos inside and was able to find a cable that needed to be plugged back in.


Hello! I’m glad you resolved the yellow light trouble that you were seeing! I see that we are also working with you through email for a different problem and will get back to you there soon. I’m going to close this thread.