Yellow Light & Focusing

Glowforge stopped printing two day ago with a Yellow light. After that I clean the lenses and the inside thoroughly it took some tries and the Glowforge start working again. The problem now is that after every print my GlowForge will not stop focusing in order for me to make something else. I have to turn it off and then back on again. I cleaned it again the lenses and everything else then the Yellow light came back. Cleaned the lenses again, repositioned the printer head and detaching and reattached the white ribbon. The Glowforge successfully printed a Gift of good measure in a proof grade but again after the print it is stuck in focusing.
I hope someone can help me troubleshoot this problem. Thank you.

I think your best bet is to send Glowforge support an email and include photos of your clean optics. They can pull your machine logs and see if the problem is with your wifi or something with the machine.


Thank you, I will do that :slight_smile:

I find sometimes the issue with focusing is the material, you may need a caliper to measure the thickness of it, then Manually put that in as your material height (if you are not using proofgrade)
see if that helps at all with the focusing issue


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