Yellow light ,focusing

I have a glowforge pro. It is for recreational use so not tons of lasering on it. The last two designs I uses it for have stopped half way thru the burn into leather and said focusing with a solid yellow light. I turned off for 30 sec turned back on. Same issue. I’ve cleaned all lenses with same issue. Completely cleaned every inch of the machine per glowforges directions online and still having same problem. This in my garage with AC so heat not an issue. Only thing I noticed was the lens in the printer head seems like it’s falling about half way out almost loose. Any ideas???

The lens in the print head is magnetically attached to a platform that “floats”. That platform is moved up and down by a tiny motor in the print head. This is how the laser beam is focused at different heights for different materials. It is not falling out; as soon as you turn on your machine, that platform is moved up and down through its full range of motion several times to calibrate the mechanism. It will never still be at the same height you inserted it after the machine has been powered on and off. So, there’s no need to worry about that.

That said, being stuck at “focusing” with a yellow light indicates some problem with the print head or the white ribbon cable that connects it to the machine. Check that connection, make sure it’s clicked in place and there’s no debris in the connector or damaged pins. Follow the full length of the cable and look for damage like creases or exposed wires. Beyond that, contact Glowforge customer support so they can examine the machine’s logs.


Thank you. I see the ribbon has extremely mild abrasion on one edge. Everything else is clicked in and seems fine. Weird how it burns half a logo every time but then stops almost at the exact same spot every time. If the ribbon was damaged wouldn’t it not work at all

That’s not a safe assumption to make. If flexing or rubbing the damaged ribbon in some way causes a temporary short or disconnect in one of the wires, it would work until it is flexed or rubbed in that way, which could happen in the same spot of your job every time.


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