Yellow Light - Help Needed

Machine had a yellow light prior to starting a print. I adjusted the print head a few times, centered it under the camera, put it in back left position, etc. After about the third reset, the yellow light went away, so I started my engrave.

Part way through the engrave, it stopped with a white light. I hit the button and resumed for a couple of seconds before stopping again. This happened 3-4 times and on the last button press I saw a red light on the material followed by a larger white light (like a flashlight) which I have never seen (or even read about) before. The light then turned yellow and has not gone back since.

Temperature is normal, there are no noticeable breaks in the ribbon cable (have had that happen a few times before) and all of the connections are tight, lenses and fans cleaned, etc.

I have numerous backup parts of each lens, mirror, camera, ribbon, etc… Where should I start my trial and error DYI fix it process?

You should start by contacting as the cause of this issue sounds like something they’d be able to discover through reading the machine’s logs.

It sounds like the white ribbon cable that connects the print head to the controller could be the issue. Loss of connection between the print head and that board via that cable is one of the things that turns the main button yellow. Or it could be the print head or controller board, I suppose. The logs should narrow things down.


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