Yellow Light-Help!

I have had my glowforge for almost 3 years. Around October, I had my machine replaced with a new replacement (tube went out, took 4 machines sent to get a working one). Since then, it has been working great.

On Saturday, I finished a print and went to do another one and my button turned yellow/orange and I haven’t been able to get my machine to do anything since then.

So far, I have deep cleaned my machine, being mindful to make sure there wasn’t anything on any of the connection points.

It is still saying “focusing” and won’t do its start up sequence when I turn it on, just goes to the yellow light. At one point, it was saying lid open and I cleaned all of the magnets and sensors as well.

I tried replacing the black lid cable and that did not fix the problem. I don’t see any actual damage to anything and it isn’t really clear to me what is wrong. In the past, I have been able to trouble shoot my way through things pretty well, but I am at a loss.

I’m addition, I sent an email to support on Saturday and have still not heard a single thing back. The auto response email says that I should have heard back by now.

Does anyone have any additional ideas for troubleshooting I can do? Additionally, does anyone have any ideas for how to get ahold of glowforge? I have also left them a message on their message line in addition to sending a follow up email as the auto email instructed.

The only way to access support is either by phone or email unfortunately.

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Can you state exactly how far in the sequence sequence you can get currently?

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