Yellow light, no cutting through or engraving properly

Any night owls out here?

I’ve contacted support but thought this would be worth a shot.

Recently my GF has been more and more inconsistent with cutting all the way through. Today, I began getting the yellow light after about 30 minutes and this evening it’s after anything I try to cut. The most recent engraving looked awful.

I’ve cleaned all the usual places. Vacuumed out the exhaust fan and checked the connection on the ribbon cable. The mirrors/lenses are clean and all facing the correct way.

Like most of you, I’m sure you understand the stress of this right after BFCM orders. If anyone has any ideas of what could be going on , I am open to suggestions. Thank you so much.

Yellow light is usually a temperature warning - what’s the temp in your workroom and which model do you have?

Thank you for responding!
It’s been between 68 and 72 today. I have the Plus.

Also, I cannot tell if there is an orange AND a yellow light indicator? If so, I do not know which one I’m getting.

Hrm, you’re within operating specs. Did you check the exhaust hose itself for obstructions? Someone else noted they had buildup blocking the exhaust exit on the outside of their house.

I cleaned it out today. I did discover the same thing you mentioned, I vent through my window screen and it had build up, but it’s only gotten worse since I cleaned everything out.

Is the interior of the glowforge filling up with smoke more than usual? If so check your intake under the Glowforge. If stuff gets under there it can get sucked up and block airflow.

Is your gantry knocked out of alignment? Shouldn’t matter but worth asking. You can reset it by gently pushing it all the way back when the power is off.

“Cleaned all the usual places”, can you be more specific?

Does it cut better on one side of the tray vs the other?

Have you done a draftboard gogm test?

Have you checked that the tray is properly seated in its dimples?

A lot can be told if you post a picture of a recent cut. If there are smoke stains wandering or headed off to the left then the head fan is not doing its job, and after it slows enough it will also kick out a yellow light.

Your description of ever worse cuts and ever sooner yellow light would be symptoms of that problem. Also if you are using magnets, it will cause that problem by slowing or stopping the head fan.

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Here is a photo of my last cut before calling it a night last night. The engraving has never looked this bad. Sometimes I have to cut twice but engraving quality has never faltered.

Thank you. I wiped down all lenses, removed dust and debris. The crumb tray is seated well and has been cleaned out. I haven’t run gogm, I will do that this morning.

Prior to this, I noticed the right side was cutting cleaner than the left for a few weeks now.

I posted a photo of my most recent cut below. This was positioned in the very bottom right of the tray.

There is not much smoke and it is pointing in the right direction. For a design like that i do the cutout as a light score first and remove the masking. Having a sticker on top of the masking will often show up as different levels in the engraving.

Just ran the GOGM, it engraved beautifully but nothing cut all the way through.

Check the white cable going to your print head. I also was cleaning and found out it was loose an I am afraid broken.

Make the material is flat. Last night mine didn’t cut all way through either, look at the material and in one spot it didn’t lay flat, found a really small piece from a previous cut holding it up…

The yellow light will also come on it the ribbon to the print head is not connected securely. Check both ends.

I just checked the other end, down in the machine and it did not fix the issue. :sob:

Hello @justine1 did you ever get this issue resolved? I am having the identical issue. I reached out to GF support . I was asked to send photos. I sent the photos, but I haven’t heard anything yet. I have HUGE orders for tomorrow. I am in a complete panic