Yellow light- not temp related

My pro printed fine all morning and now I have a yellow light. I have read up on some tips to solve but wondering if anyone has anymore suggestions while I wait on customer service. I have cleaned the entire machine including fans etc. and reconnected to Wi-Fi. I tried changing out the printer head with another unit that is working, and it didn’t help. I don’t think it is too cold or too hot. Doesn’t say anything about temp to me just stuck homing after it moved to focus on the center :frowning: So sad. (I have an extra black cable I could try as well but last time I had this issue the yellow light didn’t come on. On another note, I just got a replacement basic, and it was doing great except I have tiny notches on any line during engraving. The refurbished one they sent me did the same thing just 10 x worse. Anyone have any tips on how to correct this while I have your attention? TIA

The printer head change was a piece of useful information, If not too crazy, changing out the carriage might even be more interesting. There are many sensors tracking different things and for every sensor there is a path to send information, so it could be the thing it is supposed to sense, there is the sensor with a possible problem, and then there is the path.

The yellow light can be temperature, and it can be the head fan (behind the carriage) is slow. If there are magnets involved that can affect the fan. In one case a small magnet got up under the carriage and messed with the fan.

If it is the sensor that checks fan speed switching carriages would tell the tale (I would try the carriage from the difficult one in the working one If it has a problem then that is the location of one issue anyway and they can get you a new carriage). Just make sure you tighten that belt properly.


Thanks for the tip. I changed to carriage plate with the basic as well and it still isn’t working. It did move once I made the change but then the yellow light returned. When I first power up the machine it just makes a bunch of clicking sounds so something is for sure not working correctly. Hopefully support will get back to me. I have yet to have any contact from GF.

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Did you try the problem part in the working machine? If there are even just 2 issues causing the problem, if you put the part from the problem machine into the good machine and it does not cause a problem, then there in nothing in that part causing the problem while the reverse is not necessarily true. If you have the ability to try what can be tested and none of that is a problem then the machine will have to be sent to the mothership. The only exception to that is the black cable and I have not heard of the yellow light involving the black cable, I am not sure about a wifi connection to the yellow light but Others would have to help there.

One problem I did have was when I paused the machine the head itself heated up and the yellow light came on and while being paused for overheating it heated up more so never got cool enough. After shutting off the machine I discovered that the head was quite hot to the touch and so did not leave it on pause for more than a minute after that and did not see the problem again.

It is correct behavior for a Glowforge to make a bunch of clicking sounds after you power it on. The very first thing it does after connecting to the internet is calibrate the focus mechanism in the print head by moving the lens platform up and down through its full range of motion several times, which makes the clicking noise.

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I am aware that this is normal. What I am saying is that is ALL it does now before it throws a yellow light.

It would seem likely then that in setting up to start it encounters a problem and all it can do is stop and turn on a yellow light. That is progress! The big question is what it encounters at that point? Some inspection about the seating of the main lens, and taking the top off the head and inspecting the mirror there, and down the hole to where that lens goes and see if you see anything cattywampus. If that is where the problem is It should show up in the logs and be an easier quicker replacement. Though not necessarily much less expensive than replacing the whole machine.

Yes, I changed the carriage plate and the printer head to my basic and it is working fine so it is something unrelated to the parts or wifi at this point. Just powers up and clicks and then yellow light is thrown.

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I exchanged the entire carriage plate and the printer head into my basic and both of those parts work in the working machine, so I am starting to think that it is a sudden wiring issue.

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Sounds like a trip to the mothership :slightly_frowning_face: It is good to be able to test all that you did so knowing for sure.

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I’d physically inspect as much of the white ribbon cable as you can.

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