Yellow Light of Death has occured, Not temp related

My Glowforge Pro gave me the yellow light today after finishing a print. It was working fine, but didn’t enter the cool down mode after finishing the print and now has a yellow light whenever I turn it on. The belt is properly connected and I’ve cleaned the lens and camera. I’m using it in an air conditioned room, so I don’t think it’s temperature related.

Has anybody had this happen? Do you know how I can contact support to check my machine logs?

Thanks so much.

Mine just did it today too. I was engraving, which I rarely do. Stopped mid project, froze, yellow light. I shut it down for an hour thinking it may have over heated. Still stuck, yellow light on, the laser won’t even move back to the origin. Ugh!!

Mine was engraving too–this is the first time I’ve had an issue. Mine still makes all the usual sounds when it turns on, but then the yellow light comes on right after.

Well I guess you got that going for you then! Let me know what happens and I will do the same. I am putting a support request in now. Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks, you too!

@batdogdesigns @onefunkyfarmhouse Both of you should check the connection on both ends of the ribbon cable that goes to the print head. If that is not the issue then remove the carriage and ensure your fan is not dirt or has become disconnected.


What does it say on the dashboard?

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It’s stuck on focusing or centering

Edit: well I turned it back on and now it’s stuck on homing

I checked the back and front ribbon connections and its pretty dirty back there, but everything looks connected.

I think i’m seeing the problem…the back ribbon connection looked like it was in, but upon inspection, I can still see the golden pins. I tried to push it in and it wouldn’t click. I disconnected the cable, reinserted, and it wouldn’t click either. So the ribbon is effectively disconnected but I don’t know how to get it back in.

I’ve plugged in a lot of ribbon cables in my day, but I’ve never touched that one, so I don’t know what kind of force is required. But it definitely looks crooked in the picture, so I’m not surprised if it’s not making good contact.

Unless the plastic tab is broken or there’s some debris in the connector, I’m not sure why it wouldn’t go right in.

I’ve been able to get it all the way back in since, but the problem persists.

This photo shows the cable partially unconnected and crooked. I would not be surprised if one or more pins were connected. I would shut down the machine and check all the cables and then power it on again to see if that resolves the issue.

Thanks for your response–I reconnected it and I’m still having the same problem. When I power it on, it makes all the usual noises but when it’s time for it to focus, the yellow light comes on. It will move to the left but not the right when focusing, then gets stuck on focusing.

I’ve reached out to support and sent them pictures.

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