Yellow Light of Doom

Friends! I know I can get help from customer support, but sometimes the community has faster answers. I have the yellow light of doom and I have done all the troubleshooting but the light is still on. I was cutting just fine and then it turned yellow when I put on a new cut. The temperature is great, lenses and fans are clean, etc.

If the ribbon cable that connects to the head is properly seated, then it is most likely a hardware failure that will require the machine to be replaced. Support can check the logs to confirm.


I really hope it’s not that. This one is already a replacement due to hardware issues!

The downside of not having to do all the fiddling yourself is that you have to let someone else do it. Replacing the machine is a speed-up of waiting for them to fix it.

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Having the same issue. Did you figure out what was the matter?

Nope, they couldn’t figure it out so I have to send it back and get a refurbished machine :sob:

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