Yellow light on

the yellow light is on my glowforge… i have tried everything… my glowforge is only a week old… even when i first turn it on it says its cooling… i would really like to talk to support about this… but i guess this is the only way… i am very upset about this product and am trying very hard to be professional about all this… but it is getting more difficult and time goes by

What is the ambient temperature of where you have it located?

To be sure I understand the issue. As soon as you turn it on, it goes to a yellow light and the status in the app says cooling?

You said you’ve only had it a week. Have you ever had a successful print?

it 69 degrees outside and yes i have had a few successful prints… it was working fine till yesterday…the machine is clean and the fans are both clean and working…

the yellow light comes on as soon as you turn the machine on and the app says cooling

Oh no, I’m sorry for the trouble. I see you also emailed us and we’re working on it there. I’m going to close this post to simplify our communication.