Yellow Light Snag Again

Well I have the yellow light on again, yes again and it’s has caused a serious stop on my customers products and one being the largest order. Do anyone have any ideas how to correct this issue, I’ve been waiting to hear back from GF support but no word from higher up.

Check your white cable connections (both ends).

Are you getting a temperature warning along with the yellow light?

Good morning

Yes Too Cool, the room temp is 65 - 68 degrees

This is the second time it’s happened and I’ve only had the GF pro since late Sept

Okay I’ve just checked the white ribbon cable the pins to the laser head is good, reconnected it back and the connection is good as well.

Yellow light is still indicated on GF

Does the room get cooler at night? The temperature that’s important is the temperature of the fluid in the cooling tank, so if it cooled down overnight it’s going to take a while to come back up to room temperature and be within operating range.

No not at all it’s doesn’t get cold in the area or room where the unit is operating. I have a temper gage in the room since the last time this happened. Just to keep track of the temp it doesn’t drop below 65 or 67 and it doesn’t get hotter then 72

Okay. Guess we’ll have to wait for Support to look at your logs, then. Hang in there!

I’m trying to hang in there, it’s the down time that’s getting to me

Thanks for your time and assistance you are greatly appreciated


What I would do while waiting is raise the temp in the room a few degrees. Maybe your thermometer is off a little.

Good afternoon

Yeah I tired :tired_face: raising the temp and no success the last time, had the heater in the room all night long, and it’s still warm in Savanah so the Too Cool indicator doesn’t make sense…so when that didn’t work the last time, it’s just a sign something else is going on with some sensor.

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Hello @robert.jones.jr1961 - I’ve just come across your email ticket and sent along some follow up steps to get this all taken care of for you. Please give them a look. I’m going to go ahead and close this topic and we can finish up via that email thread.

Please let me know via that email if you have any questions.