Yellow light, stopped midprint, Laser not firing now

My GF had a yellow light midcut. Now, the head moves but the laser isnt firing.

I have cleaned and inspected literally everything. All of the connections are good. The lenses and mirrors are clean and scratch free. The coolant is full and pumping correctly. I cleaned the tube and do not see any issues with it. The ribbon is still in good shape.

It was printing just fine and stopped midprint with the yellow light and hasnt fired since. The temperature as well as the humidity are both controlled in the operation room. Both the laser and the tube arent even half way through their lifespan.

I am literally weeks out of my warranty and my business is at a full stop until it is back up and running.

Does anyone out there have any solution to this problem? I have contacted support but have not even recieved an automatic response from them saying it was received and I need immediate assistance please.

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Double check that the white cable is securely clicked into the printhead.

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I have cleaned the pins on the bottom and all of the connections are good.

cleaned what pins on the bottom? The 4 that stick out and make contact with the carriage plate? Those 4 pins are just for the assist fan and would not effect it not printing. If those have a bad connection then you would be getting an assist fan error and not able to start a print.

I have cleaned those as well. But i meant that i have cleaned and reseated every electrical connection on the machine.

Tech Support told me that it is not something that can be fixed remotely and offered a refurbished unit in exchange for $1125 and my unit. Three weeks after the warranty is up.

the control board has a lot of connections so I would just make sure you connected those back in the right spots. If you still have your left panel off and want to post a photo of that side then maybe we can see if there is something questionable.

Everything is plugged back into the correct spot. The board checked out good and so did wiring. I was hopimv that someone has had the same problem and would share information.

I have completely done every step on the website for troubleshooting and have turned up nothing.

The most sense i can make of it is that the tube is not firing, which is not feeding the laser head throigh the mirrors.

Sounds fair.

I was able to fix the same issue with my machine myself but ya, I think you might prefer buying the replacement.

What ended up being the problem for you?

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