Yellow light when turns on and head wont move. Stuck on focus

I am having trouble getting my glowforge pro to work. I kept getting a bump notie. I did the trouble shooting for that. Now the head wont move at all and its stuck on focus. When i turn the machine off and then on again i get a yellow light automatically. I have cleaned the machine lenses, checked the ribons made sure tension was good. Checked conntection with the head.

Did you check the other end? Both ends can come loose. Check for any wear as well.

ive only have my gloforge since yesterday it wrked fine yesterday and then today nothing but trouble. It first started with stopping half way through. Then the bump notice, then the stuck on focus and yellow light

All of the things you mentioned can be the result of a loose connection or bad cable to the print head. Is it a new machine?

yes i just got it wednesday i have used it one day

Posting here in this section opens a support ticket so a technician will contact you. Dont send an email if you haven’t already, that just duplicates a request for help and slows things down. Also do not do a factory reset as that will wipe out the data they will need to review.

Support will likely ask for clear pictures of the connections on both ends of that cable.

The ribbon does look warm but its been used one day

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I think that’s just a smudge. Did you follow it back to the other end to check that connection?

Here’s a recent post showing what they will probably ask for:

yeah i sadly tried all of those things when i was researching about it

yes i unplugged it and plugged it back in to make sure it was snug

I’m prettt sure it’s the cable connected to the head it looks like where it connects the actual cable is cracked

This is the problem! Where does one get a new one of these?

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.