Yellow light, works for a bit, yellow light, repeat

I did a deep clean on Friday (my back fan was yucky though I regret messing with it as it was still spinning just fine). I let everything dry overnight. The next morning, I immediately got the air assist message + yellow light. I took it apart, inspected it a bit and made sure the fan would spin and then got a small successful engrave/cut. I tried to do more and kept getting the error+light. After lots of trouble-shooting and several hours later, I got it working again and had several successful cuts last night. I didn’t cut anything until Sunday evening (now) and right off the bat, error+yellow light. Took my print head off, put it back on, it’s working again.

Is this at least a good sign if I’ve got good cuts in between? Is something just wiggling loose in between tries? Or is this the beginning of the end? I have had my machine since April 2020 and it’s run every weekend (all weekdend) but I wouldn’t say it’s been a full-time usage.

Usually the first things mentioned after a failure.
There are no directions anywhere for such a cleaning.
Only do the things recommended by the manufacturer.


While I will admit to not following this exactly (very few people can just take their machine outside, etc.) there are indeed directions to “deep clean”.

But thank you for the condescending reply and assumption that I must have been incredibly irresponsible with the cleaning. :+1:


Well, that would prompt me to check the connection pins in the carriage plate and the corresponding pads on the bottom of the head. Maybe reclean them.

Absolutely. That means nothing is fried - yet, and suggests a connection problem somewhere.


If you can’t get it fixed yourself, you could open a ticket with support. I wonder if the logs they can review would indicate what the problem is, and then they could give you more specific instructions.


Sorry, I didn’t mean to come across as condescending. If you browse this site often enough you will see many people post with a problem after a “deep clean”. The machines interior does not require a deep clean. The exhaust fan can occasionally require that depending on the material burned and hours of use. I have had my machine for 5 years and have never cleaned that fan or the air assist fan yet. By cleaning the inside you risk knocking a wire loose or getting moisture into a connection.


Thank you and perhaps it may benefit you to ask what was involved in a person’s “deep clean” before you assume. I cleaned the exhaust fan which was incredibly dirty. It was still spinning but I noticed more of a smoky odor when cutting so I thought maybe it was a bit too gunky and needed some maintenance. It did involve moving the machine (no way around it) and I may have knocked some connections loose despite being careful. I cleaned my air assist (according to GF directions) and wiped all my optics. I do gently wipe my tube, bottom surface and lid glass with a soft cloth and mild vinegar solution. I was very careful and let it dry overnight.

beerfaced, I disagree. You are supposed to clean your fans.

I don’t think @beerfaced was saying that the fans shouldn’t be cleaned. I believe he just meant that many people are under the mistaken idea that they need to clean excessively…and in even more detail than is necessary and that has never been a requirement.

As he said…it depends a lot on what kinds of materials you use. MDF in particular is very ‘dirty’.

I have my original machine and it’s still going strong (fingers crossed) past 6 years now and I have only done occasional cleaning of any of the fans. There is sometimes the thought that more is better…but, with the Glowforge in the case of cleaning…only enough is better. Too many things can get messed up when cleaning becomes over and above.


Exactly! Well said.


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