Yellow light?

I’m not sure what’s wrong or what to do. I know somebody posted that they had a yellow light indicator and said it had to do with the temperature. My machine is new, there was some condensation inside so I turned off my machine, cleaned it, and left the lid open to cool off. But I’m still getting the yellow light and the app is still focusing. I’ve attached pictures of the last

project I was working on, the yellow light I see, and what I see in the app. Did I do something wrong? Please help! I was just printing out risers for my next project.

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What is the temperature in the room? What model of Glowforge do you have?


I have the glowforge pro. It’s 73 down here. We’ve got the AC on.

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Check the connections of the white cable that attaches to the head, and also the four contacts between the head and carriage plate – make sure they’re clean and the springy contacts on the head spring back out like they should when you press them in.

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I’m not sure which are the four contacts you are referring to? Nor do I know what springy thing? The room downstairs is cool enough so I know it’s not the temperature in the room. I’m still new and learning about the ma home and how to use it so I’m a bit clueless.

When you set up your Glowforge, you attached the white cable to the head and then slid the head onto the carriage plate. If you take the head off and look at the bottom of it, you’ll see four little pins that stick out to make contact with four little pads on the carriage plate. If you press on them, they’ll push in. They should also spring back out when you let go.

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So I checked this morning and saw the four pins you were talking about. They do spring back, but I also found my glowforge foggy inside and wet. I read some posts about condensation and read that people who live in hot humid places are prone to this if they don’t get proper ventilation for the machine. I live in FL so our weather is very hot and humid. So I closed my window, wiped down my machine (for the 10th time) removed the hose from the window and let the machine sit. But when I turned my machine on after waiting roughly about 1 hour or so, I still got the yellow light. I hear the fan running perfectly fine, and everything seems to be attached perfectly fine too. So idk what could have caused the yellow light or what I can do to make my machine work again. If I can’t find anything here, I guess I’ll just contact support via email or phone.

If you’re getting interior condensation, you have a couple of choices. (I also live in a super high humidity, hot climate.) :roll_eyes:

Make sure that the external port is lower than the port leading into the machine. What happens is that the hot humid air coming into the house from outside rises and hits the cooler aluminum tube from the A/C and condenses and falls into the bottom of the tube before it gets into the machine.

Second, make sure you have flaps on your external port. (The kind used on dryer hose connections that open out, and fall closed when not in use.) That slows down the heat transfer.

And if you can’t manage either of those, disconnect the hose from the external port when not in use. If you are just propping it in a window, set it up before you run your cuts. Running at night when the temperature is lower will also help.

I hope the condensation inside the machine didn’t short something out, but it might have. Make sure it is completely dry before turning it on again. You don’t want to run electricity through damp connectors.

And best of luck.


Finding your machine “foggy inside and wet” is certainly not a good thing for all of the electrical components. I think maybe you are going to have to give it more than an hour to dry out, but Support will be in touch and they will be more helpful than I can be. Posting here has opened a Support ticket, so you need not email and duplicate the contact because that just slows the process down.


Thank you for that, I had no idea that this opens a ticket. This forum and everything I’ve been reading this far had been extremely helpful. I’m hoping the machine is perfectly fine. I’ll leave it alone for a few days and check back. It’s a good thing I don’t have any orders in and have taken the time to first understand the machine and get comfortable before using it to make sales. Thanks again!

Hello! @jarenicebravo I am very sorry to hear about the orange light problem you are running into. I will do my best to get this resolved for you.

I extracted the logs from your Glowforge to investigate, and it looks like the orange button is appearing because the Glowforge is having trouble communicating with the printer head. There are two key connections I’d like you to check for me.

Could you please do the following?

  1. Turn off your Glowforge.
  2. Holding only the finished black surfaces, grasp the printer head as shown. Pull gently up and back to disengage the magnets and remove the head.
  3. There is a small tab in the center of the wire ribbon. Push down fully on the tab to release it, and gently pull the wire ribbon plug from the printer head.
  4. Take a clear photo of the gold pins inside the printer head where you just unplugged the wire ribbon. It should look like this.
  5. Pick up the printer head and wire ribbon. Make sure the tab on the wire ribbon is facing up. Slide the ribbon back into the head until it clicks.
  6. As shown, lower the printer head over the metal plate so that it rests next to the two round posts. Then push it gently away from you – you’ll feel a “click” as magnets pull the printer head until it sits snugly atop the metal plate.
  7. Pull the laser arm all the way forward.
  8. Reach over the laser arm, and to the left of the inside of the unit and you’ll see this circuit board:
  9. Take a photo of the circuit board. If the cable I’ve indicated above with the red arrow appears to be loose, please reconnect it and try printing again. This cable should ‘click’ back into place.
  10. Turn your Glowforge back on.
  11. Send us the photos you took in step 4 and step 9.

When you reply back with the photos I will be more than happy to assist with the next steps. Thank you!

Good Morning,

I just checked and followed the steps and found the back cable connection was unplugged. How I missed that and didn’t notice that is beyond me but my machine is working again. Thank you so much!

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I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic, or email us at We’re here to help!