Yellow light

I keep getting a yellow light. I have turned off my glow forge and disconnected the printer head from the ribbon and plugged back in. Once I turn it back on it acts like it’s going to start then the yellow light shows up. I was thinking it might be the printer head and the ribbon.

When you say that it acts like it was going to start, are you meaning start calibration or is the button going yellow when it is about to print? Knowing how far you can get in the print process before it turns yellow is helpful.

The button goes yellow right when it’s about to print.

What is the temperature in the room where your Glowforge is? What model of Glowforge do you have?

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70 degrees in my shop. I don’t think its a temp thing. It happens when I turn it on the first thing in the am. I can keep turning it off an on and then it may work. I think it has something to due with the printer head and ribbon/cable, I honestly hav no clue. It is new and I have only used it a handful of times.

Hello @teanna_melton Thank you for working with me in chat today. I am glad we could move forward with the next steps. I am going to close this thread to mitigate any confusion.