Yellow Sign stamp in grey rubber

Thanks to those who figured out good settings before I started:

Speed 220
Power 70
LPI 225

With more power it seems like you should be able to go faster, I’ll look in to that another day.
Haven’t figured out good cut settings yet, but I didn’t try hard.

This was made from a b&w vector file but you could use Vary Power if it was a bitmap.

I did not bother with using an Outer Glow or something like that to build supports. For a bold design, I don’t think it’s needed.

Grey stamp rubber makes a LOT of dust and still smells pretty bad, be careful out there…


Very nice results though! (I’d heard it stinks.)

Crisp impression!

“Always make a good first impression!”

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URG, hurry up with the GF to the Canada for the Stamp making. The jealous is making me the crazy.

So stampy, so sexy.

Great stamp!
It is certainly strange… “But stranger still is
Lost Carcosa.”

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