Yep, another one...The Infinity Frost


Saw a similar style online somewhere, but it only had a single row of the double-circle pieces vertically strung together with an interwoven lash. I decided to double that up and line them up differently, and use two lashes.

I actually cut this piece a couple of weeks ago, but couldn’t decide on how I wanted the pieces to lay together. End to end, side by side, over/under lapping, etc. I chose the latter, then I had to figure out a color scheme. I had another design I wanted to name after Emma Frost from the Marvel Universe, but that was too cheesy, so instead I decided to call it The Infinity Frost, referencing the somewhat figure-8 pieces that make up the bulk of the design.

Designed in Illustrator, all cut on the GF, then hand finished with Fiebings Pro Dyes (Royal Blue and Black), then accents done using Angelus acrylic leather paints in “Gift Box Blue” and “Matte White”. A quick shot of Fiebings Leather Balm with atom wax, then a final finish of Tandy acrylic resolene spray sheen. Hardware is gun-metal rivets and Line 20 snaps, Tandy white stone decorative rivet in the center with turquoise-like rivets along side, and diamond cut glass rivets from Amazon on the off-sets.


And THEN…my wife came up with these…the Tear Drop Frost. The story behind them on our website (link in my profile) is heartbreaking. I shed a tear, and I WROTE the dang thing. LOL

Teardrop shape designed in AI and cut on the GF as with 99% of our designs of late. Sue me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

These two pieces may end up being offered as a set similar to the Bohemian line we have.


I like these creative titles you are giving the pieces. Nice!


Excellent design. I’m thinking the interlocking rings would look cool as a hat band as well. :sunglasses:


Both are exceptional designs … Good work!