Yet another certification question


Continuing the discussion from Dispatches from the Front (Pre-Release Report) - sometimes it's just a clipboard:

There have been a nice number of posts regarding the lasing of food. So @dan, what are the plans to have the Glowforge image certified? (I assume this will come after CE and NRTL certifications since those absolutely need to get done ASAP.) Or at least will the manual have kashering instructions? :wink:

It's plague time

Please tell me you’re kidding. We’re still waiting for so much from Glowforge. This would be a criminal misuse of resources.

You got me!


Did you not notice the wink? Of course I’m kidding. (Besides, only food is certified, not cooking utensils.)

So a bee, a wasp, and a hornet walk into a bar …


Heh. I was so terrified of the prospect the someone would demand this that it completely bypassed my sarcasm detector. :flushed:

P.S. If you don’t make any sudden moves, the bartender will leave you alone.


But cooking & storage surfaces & materials are certified for restaurant use - you can’t just drop in any piece of steel and call it a prep table.

Is the honeycomb bed a utensil or a prep table?


It’s worth buying a separate Glowforge for Passover so you don’t have a spend all day with a flashlight inspecting the crumb tray for actual crumbs.


Don’t forget separate Glowforges for meat and dairy!


I think they have to be on separate circuits.


With a timer, because you can’t actually press the button to start it on the Sabbath. Maybe some sort of a pneumatic laser is called for.


Maybe the kosher version will come with a ProofGrade Shabbos Goy to do the button-pushing.


We’re currently prioritizing our organic and gluten-free certifications as those are the ones impacting most customers. I know it’s not fair to our vegan, kosher, or non-GMO customers but we only have so much time and energy to spend in the certification process.


Maybe the :glowforge: can be certified for this:



Thanks @aeva, you beat me to the punch!

I’m going to move this to everything else, have a great Friday everyone.


Wouldn’t the :proofgrade: leather need to be certified? Your oven doesn’t get certified but the stuff you make in it (I’ve so far only “cooked” kosher food in mine (the guacamole)


If you’re going to eat it, then certainly! And although I assume non-OU leather would contaminate the GF, I do not know the intricacies of the OU kashrut laws. Especially how they apply to lasers.


Hmm… think I would need the Pro for that.


I’m happy to share that each Glowforge is organic, halal, and vegan. Sadly they are not made in a gluten-free facility, as I often nibble Triscuits on the assembly line.


Yids, Lasers and Shabbos Oh My!
Baruch Hashem, may all your cuts be precise.
You all made me laugh all the way over in Singapore!


Oh, that’s a problem if you remember one of my first PRU projects was for the Passover table!


It only started once we hit production, so I hope you didn’t get any chametz in there since. That’s a one time opportunity you have.