Yet another engraved laptop - Audi

I recently picked up an old Audi Q5 to practice my mechanic skills on, and these days it seems you use a laptop to work on a vehicle as much as you use a wrench. Yesterday I stumbled across the Audi Brand Appearance portal, where they’ve published an exhaustive review of their corporate branding strategy along with downloadable elements. So I gathered some of those and used a laser cutter to engrave a design onto my laptop! Here’s a time-lapse video and some pics:


Way cool … in fact BRILLIANT … :glowforge::sunglasses:


Yeah, like that design! :grinning:


So I have beer stickers all over the back of my Surface Pro for work. This makes me want to rip them off and engrave that sucker. Nice work!


Looks awesome! Fun way to personalize it.

I can’t believe you found so many automotive symbols with no duplicates. That is a beautiful job.:grinning:

And I had to be selective! The icon base released by Audi contained several hundred unique icons.

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