Yet Another Face Mask Hook Design (By Tracy)

Howdy Y’all,

We received a request for some face masks. Half with elastic ear loops, half with ties. 50 masks later, we’re ready to ship. Some folks mentioned they don’t like the elastic around their ears for long periods of time; so we came up with this design. Essentially, it’s an adjustable bra clasp.

Looking at the pictures, you can see on one end of the clasp a ‘T’ shape; which is where the mask’s elastic hooks around the stem of the ‘T’. The other end has three 1/2 inch wide slots. Those slots are designed to thread a double-thick, 1/2 inch wide bias tape. Seamsters and quilters know what I’m talking about.

When threaded properly, the bias strap will have a no-slip friction fit. To that end, I printed the threading pattern on the clasp. The clasp threading pattern is “under-over-under, fold back, over-under”. The running end of the bias tape should come out the same way it went in. My “common core” education 50 years ago included this technique. Somehow I doubt if that continues… :wink:

I recommend using a 14-16 inch long bias tape to attach the two clasps. That will fit my monster head. For someone of smaller stature, use a shorter length. Ideally, once the clasps are set at the right distance, you only need 1-1/2 inches of the running ends of the bias tape sticking out from either clasp.

Remember: the user doesn’t have to pull the elastic way back to get it off their ears. They only need the elastic strap 1/4 to 1/2 half inch away from the back of the ear; on each side.

I used proof grade medium clear acrylic. I used the ‘cut’ setting for the clasp outline, and the oval slots. I used the ‘engrave - draft’ setting for the instructions.

Glowforge Printing order:

  1. Instructions (engrave);
  2. Oval slots (cut);
  3. Clasp Outline (cut).

–It’s adjustable, and re-adjustable;
–It’s washable;
–The bias tape can be replaced;
–It lifts the elastic off the back of the ear.

–It does NOT lift the elastic off the top of the ears.

Lastly, if you use the design, don’t charge any money for it. I give this freely to help people, not profit off of it. Please pay it forward. My wife and I don’t charge a penny for our masks. All costs are out of our pockets.



Another great hook design! Thanks for sharing.


Great job!

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