Yet Another Glowforge Cameo

Just thought I would leave this here.


Thanks for the link Jonny! That was pretty cool.

Since the Made On A Glowforge category is intended for owners to post their own creations, I hope you don’t mind that I moved your post to Everything Else. Don’t worry, folks will still see it!

Good video! (And I just donated a completely new and un-used ping-pong table.) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I just quickly scanned through it. The funniest part is where they start to cut what looks like leather and realize they don’t have the ventilation working!

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crazy people testing patterns on actual leather instead of on less expensive material. they could have cut that pattern in card stock and folded to see how they lined up.


I was also surprised to see Bob just grab the test piece off the bed before checking to see if the cuts made it through.

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not once but several times.