Yet another ikea hack


Did not epoxy the feet instead I cut two rings one with a big hole for the foot and another on top of that with a smaller hole for the shaft and screwed those down to keep them in place. I forgot to get a picture of that. I then used some heavy paper as a portion template for the top and bottom.

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Nice storage! What parts are they?

I have a similar setup but instead of screwing the foot down I just used a tiny ball of fun tack to keep them from sliding.


I like that approach. I didn’t use anything to hold mine together. At some point, I’m going to take it apart to put casters on the bottom, and I will probably adopt your approach.


Looking good! This is a very nice, compact solution.

What cost a set of four tabbed box style legs , 5" x 1"x 1" plus slotted tops say 2.5"x2.5" ?
Then a hollow box top from 1/8" sheet, either face of a frame made similarly to the legs ?
Mmmm… might just think about this when I return to Corinth.