Yet another offline intermittently

To emphasize that this is indeed a real problem, I’m posting yet another “my glowforge goes offline frequently” problem.

I LOVE this machine and have almost no complaints. This issue is my primary gripe. I spent a good hour today, again, trying to get the machine to maintain a connection so that I could print. Eventually it becomes reliable again, but I’ll never get those minutes back.

I want to be clear that the problem is not my internet connection or router. Everything else connected to the internet in my house works great, and many other GF users obviously have this exact same problem.

So Glowforge, please acknowledge this issue and keep us up to date on progress.

Thank you for listening.

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@dan is it possible to make an add-on for an ethernet connection? I understand that is not ideal for many people and situations, but it would “alleviate” connection issues normally.


I feel for everyone who experiences this issue, but I have had the use of two different machines and never have a problem. Considering the machines are constructed from the same materials,
and go through the same factory calibration, I can’t help but think it must be environmental. I could be dead wrong, stranger things have happened.
If you could supply support with the date, time, and time zone of such an occurrence, support could examine your machine logs for an anomaly. They can see if the machine has trouble connecting.
At least that would eliminate one possibility.

For those having issues, my suggestions (you probably have already seen these) include:

  1. Make sure you have different 2.4 and 5.0 Ghz wifi network names
  2. Try changing to different WiFi channels
  3. Make sure the camera lens is clean, and that the top of the LaserHead is clean (and the GF logo is clearly legible)
  4. Turn the machine on 30 minutes BEFORE you plan on running a project to allow it time to download updated firmware and apply.
  5. If you have swapped units, be sure you are looking at the right unit.
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The latest issues happened on Thursday, March 14 – ongoing from 130ish in the afternoon until 6pm(ish). I am in the central time zone.

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Thanks for letting us know about this. I have followed up via email so we can gather some more information, so I’m going to close this thread.