Yikes Glowforge just shut off, (and is back after an hour?)

I had nine pieces set to cut and it cut one and just shut off. I thought it might be my power but everything else at that outlet is working fine, and changing the top and bottom plug made no difference, so the power is fine up to the Glowforge. I thought there was a breaker that might pop out if there was a short or the like, but either it is fine or I do not understand what would happen.

It cut the one piece perfectly and did not start on the second piece. There is a storm outside that did in the Internet as I am typing this so there might have been a power spike, but that one that did in the internet just now was a half hour after the Glowgorge shut off. And the fluorescent lamp that goes out if there is any interruption (as opposed to a spike) had not gone off. The computer has two spike protectors and a battery so was not interrupted, and as I am still typing the Internet is back.

And as I just tried to start the Glowforge again it started right up?!?! After being a brick for an hour.

I am glad to have it back but concerned it could happen again.

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Mine shut off the other day, and I hadn’t started using it.

To be clear, it usually “reboots” a few seconds after initial power on, right about when the head calibration ticking starts, but it’s usually only that first time.

This was a couple of minutes later, after calibration was complete. Just powered off completely. I turned off the switch, back on - nothing. Turned off again, pulled the power cord from the rear, plugged back in - nada. Same on the outlet side. Checked the outlet, fine. Tried the power switch one more time, and it came back, and worked fine the rest of the day.

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I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!