You bowl me over

OK… not made on a :glowforge:

This morning I spent some time in my garage/shop turning a bowl… woodturning is a relatively new hobby. This is my second bowl ever made, first on my own lathe and totally on my own without instruction. It isn’t perfect, but as always a learning process and I had a fantastic time making this. As per usual, my :glowforge: serves as the perfect photo platform! :wink:


Wow! Very nice! :grinning:


I have been playing with an idea that it looks as if you might make use of better than me of taking a thick (for the glowforge)plank and cut two sets of rings, stacked alternately so each overlaps a bit while the outer kerf of the one two layers down matches the inner kerf and so forth, then all the rings are clamped and glued.

Then you put the result on your wood turning device and blend the different layers into a nice smooth bowl, and have very little waste as even the smaller center disk can be cut to a nice foot.

Making each set of rings a different species of wood can also be a very interesting effect, and your Glowforge will not feel left out.

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I love wood turning, though currently I’m short 1 lathe to make it possible. Your bowl looks great! hope you had fun making it :smile:

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I got the lathe but lack decent wood to turn. (Oh, and the skill aspect too…)