You know that cool rubber jewelry?

I’ve tried searching here and elsewhere and still haven’t found a good answer. Is it possible to make lasercut rubber/silicone jewelry with the Glowforge? I keep hitting dead ends with my search and I don’t want to buy and cut something that will do Bad Things or just not work. Thank you!


This is probably going to depend on the specifics of what you want to do.

A fair number of people have engraved and cut various bits of relatively thin rubber, notably for making stamps.

There have also been plenty of people engraving silicone, especially bracelets.

Are either of those along the lines of what you had in mind?

There are also people doing stuff with EVA foam (including some jewelry applications).


I was hoping to be able to cut it out, not engrave it. I’ve made rubber stamps successfully. But I’m talking about something like this.


That seems like it would be workable. I have cut all the way through stamp rubber with the Glowforge (though, IIRC, it felt like I was pushing it a bit). Something a little thinner should be fine.

Something like that in rubber is going to be a dirty, stinky mess to laser but, should be possible.

EVA foam around that thickness would definitely cut.

There might be other options. Just be aware of the composition of what you are cutting (e.g., no PVC).