You should check out the Facebook group "Laser Engraving and Cutting"


Some of the folks there are feeling completely threatened by Glowforge, and it makes for some really amusing reading. A couple guys are predicting the downfall of the human race due to this goshdarn newfangled machine… A few are certain that there won’t be a house left standing due to the horrible fire hazard Glowforge is (and I say that in present tense, because they spout wisdom based on the fact they obviously know the inner workings of the Glowforge). I used to get riled up, but really - now it’s just funny and I tease them.

Seriously, you should join and enjoy. Do a search for Glowforge within that group, just don’t get caught up in the hilarity, or I might tease you too!

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Their Google+ group does the same. Don’t get it really.


Too much drama for me.


I’ve never been good at recognizing sarcasm but even I didn’t need a guidebook for that one.


In the description is says no drama and no negativity! I’m tempted to join to see what’s up but you all here are enough drama for me.


Why do you think those militia men overran the Oregon refuge? They got bored waiting on their glowforges to arrive.


I posted this there today after seeing further negativity:

Robbie MacGillivray I would remind you all this Groups description reads "The purpose of this group is to share tips, tricks, jigs, and lessons learned.
Any type of laser or software platform is welcome. " A few of you opening discriminate against the Glowforge, as a new member I have taken this on the chin and just tried to absorb the fantastic useful information & shared learning this group provides.
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Robbie MacGillivray
Robbie MacGillivray However I cannot continue to ignore the hateful group behaviour and firmly believe an adjustment is required for the benefit of all. I could debate this more and go to the trouble of showing what I am talking about, but don’t want to invest the time and energy. You know who are.
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Robbie MacGillivray
Robbie MacGillivray The CEO of Glowforge is a successful entrepreneur, has worked for Google, Photobucket and Sparkbuy.
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Robbie MacGillivray
Robbie MacGillivray I would suggest a Glowforge FAQ is created and all questions pointed to that, however ‘stupid’ you care to deem them.
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Robbie MacGillivray
Robbie MacGillivray The current unwelcome attitude is not balanced nor mature.
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Robbie MacGillivray
Robbie MacGillivray That’s it. I’m done. Thanks for your time.
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Dalton Sheldrake
Dalton Sheldrake “The CEO of Glowforge is a successful entrepreneur, has worked for Google, Photobucket and Sparkbuy.”

None of which work with, service, manufacture or use laser cutters.
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Dalton Sheldrake
Dalton Sheldrake If you think this discriminates you should try Sawmillcreek Robbie, where there are time served experienced users with a combined experience of hundreds of years pretty much all saying the same thing.
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Robbie MacGillivray
Robbie MacGillivray Dalton Sheldrake I am a member there. Two wrong’s do not make a right.
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Dalton Sheldrake
Dalton Sheldrake I posted an Arc length drawing earlier, this directly contravenes the claim that GF will engrave a small radius curved surface based on vertical movement of the Z axis.

I don’t make this stuff up, it is testable and repeatable by anybody who has a cad package and the same results will be seen.

It seems to be very much like a claim of say “You can crack wall nuts with Titan II missiles” that would be true, what you wouldn’t be told is , everything within a 100 mile radius would become an uninhabitable wasteland for the next 240,000 years or so.

The claim is true…You can indeed crack wall nuts with a Titan II , the real question should be…"why the hell would anybody want to"
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Robbie MacGillivray
Robbie MacGillivray Dalton Sheldrake That’s cool. Have no issue at all with information like that. I’m referring to the mockery and other unpleasant stuff.
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I can’t say I’ve visited - I only get a little time online so I spend it all here with you. After all, you’re the actual customers, right? :slight_smile:


It’s a pretty common behavior this sort of mentality (like that’s not obvious!) which is why finding communities online with little or no haters, is such a happy-thing indeed.


I’m always looking for inspiration, doesn’t sound like that’s the place to go😕
I’ve got my hands full trying to keep up here.


I just joined that group. I barely see any negativity there. Theres actually a LOT of cool things being made. A good amount of discussion about repairing broken chinese lasers too =P

EDIT: so ok there are a few posts that are specifically about glowforge, and its basic vaporware discussion (“wheres the water cooler on it?” “why would it need a water cooler. how can it even cut anything when it doesnt even exist, lol” etc). from what Ive seen these are few and far between, but cmon, its the internet and there are bound to be fanboi discussions popping up in a forum dedicated to laser cutting.


If you pick up any pearls of wisdom over there I hope you can share them here. I’m not a member of Facebook (!!!) and so Facebook Groups are off limits to me.


heres a few standouts from the last few days:

The car mirror post I really like, as it hits close to home for me. A few years back a drunk driver side-swiped my car and took off the whole passenger side. When I got it back from the dealership they had replaced the side-view mirror, and the glass in it was the wrong size and almost smurf blue. I would have loved to have been able to run out to the store and just cut a new one right there.


I’m easy, you’ve convinced me to give it a look.


OK last one. Just too cool not to share, especially the multi-layered brain engrave! I need to make a few of those for presents, I have a lot of neuroscientist friends and family that would love them. … and that painted brick house… wow


Ok. Thou convinced me. I’ll join.


Oh wow! Thanks so much, and please please keep sharing!


So, I just looked this group up (at least I am pretty sure it was the right one, it had the rules mentioned above in its description), but it is a closed group with no apparent way to join or request membership. Is this a new development, or is my phone app not giving me the same options as the Facebook website?


There should be a button to press to request to join. Can’t remember what it looks like or what it is called on the iPhone app. I requested this morning and evidently was accepted. Works like friending I guess. Sometimes there is so much on Facebook screens that it’s hard to parse everything.


It might be good for us to wade through the Facebook group. I can envision the Glowforge Community site really changing into something like this once people start getting their machines. It’s going to be wild.