"Your order is ineligible for upgrades at this time."

On september 6, I contacted support about an upgrade, and they said use the website.

On september 7, I notified them that the pricing mechanism looked broken, and they said they’d look into it.

a few weeks ago, I tried again and could not get the upgrade option to work at all (even for the screwy price).

and today, I check and I get “Your order is ineligible for upgrades at this time.”

it’s hard not to post something insulting. I expected better.

can someone, anyone, please respond to let me know what is actually going on?

Perhaps it is because they are going to build all the rest of the 30 day orders this month so it is too late to change as your machine is already being made.

that would be both fortunate and unfortunate at the a same time. If they’d have quickly resolved the issue when I originally asked about it, i might have actually been able to upgrade. :confused:

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Thanks for reaching out Mark, I’m sorry you’re having all this trouble. Since this involves personal information regarding your accounts to investigate this issue, I’ve reached out directly via email.


I should also add that we’re chasing down some upgrade bugs in the ecommerce system, so if anyone else experiences this, please do let us know. You can email support@glowforge.com with the details of your order so you don’t have to post them here.


I’m happy to say we’ve corrected the upgrade bugs and anyone who has wanted to upgrade can now do so at glowforge.com/upgrades.