"Your order is ineligible for upgrades..." what if time runs out before support makes contact

I have been in talks with my SO on this since the day I got the e-mail that upgrade discounts would run out next week. However now that I have a green-light to do it, I got the "“Your order is ineligible for upgrades at this time.” message, which tells me to send an e-mail which I have done.

My worry however is that by the time support gets to my email, the date for upgrades will pass.

Hoping someone has some info that might make it easier for me to relax, as I was really looking forward to Pro.

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From what I have witnessed of this company’s behavior, I feel sure they will honor your wishes to take advantage of their offer.
Your attempt is documented here, so they wouldn’t let their failure to accommodate you prevent your upgrade.

My view is nothing official, but I would bet my glowforge you won’t be denied.


Well, I wouldn’t bet my Glowforge on it (@PrintToLaser is braver than I am), but you’ll be fine. :smile:

As long as you’ve sent an email to support@glowforge.com, they have a record of the purchase.

I had to fight my way past the system bug to get mine upgraded to Pro too. They get it fixed eventually, but since it’s a manual fix, it can take quite a while. Just enjoy the holidays. :wink:

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@dan posted earlier (within the last couple of days) that if you were to unequivocally commit in some way (a posting worked for the person he was responding to, or an email) then they would make sure the current price was charged even if it took until after the increase to sort it out.

I might send an email saying “Dan, I unequivocally want to upgrade today but can’t due to software issues.”

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Well I do unequivocally want to upgrade, but can’t due to software issues.
I am hoping based on everything I have read that it all works out.

Thanks for all the responses.

So I had the same conundrum, but all got handled. It just took them a little longer to get back but Dan informed me that they would honor your upgrade as long as you let support know.

Just so you are clear in your email to Support.

If you say “I am having a problem with the upgrade page.” Not unequivocal.

If you say “I am trying to upgrade on 12/12/2017, and I wish to use the same credit card on file, please reply so I can complete the transaction.” More certain.


I think my original verbiage was “I really want to get this done before the time runs out”, but I did send a follow up actually using the word unequivocally.

Again thanks everyone!


Thank you for reaching out. Since you’ve also emailed in and we’re handling it there, I’m going to close this thread.