Your shipping Form Doesn't Work!

Today I got my notice that my Glowforge Pro is ready to ship (in 6 weeks) and I tried to fill out the form, but so far it will not accept my address correctly and insists the street number is my house number. Also on the Terms of Service page, after I check the box, the I Agree button does not become active. It keeps insisting that I need to scroll to the bottom and read all materials, but in two different browsers it will not allow me to scroll further down. What am I supposed to do? Thanks.

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Forum is a good place to start. I had trouble with the form not accepting my address as valid, even though I get UPS stuff delivered every day, even though I had a Glowforge shipped to me FedEx and Glowforge had an address on file and even though I had just received a shipment of Proofgrade delivered by UPS the week before.

Whatever it is with the form for the shipping information, it has some input constraints and validation routines that just don’t work for certain addresses.

I emailed support directly since it had to do with addresses and such. See what they come up with here on the forum. We decided that I would just ship it to my house instead of my work. At least I could use MyUPS then.

Good luck.


Do you have a mouse with scroll wheel? Try using that. Glowforge seems to like hiding scrollbars for some reason.

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Thanks for reaching out @bruce3. I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble!

Can you send us your address via email to We’ll work together there to make sure your Glowforge arrives safe and sound.


Oh, and another way to force browsers to scroll is to start highlighting text and then drag the mouse cursor down to the bottom of the window… it’ll scroll to allow you to keep selecting text. Just keep the mouse button held down until it scrolls to the end.

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I also had an auto-correct problem and just emailed support too.

In my case, the system “corrected” a street name in the format of “1st Ave” to “1 St Ave.”

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