Youtube videos

I know you guys are busy with the success and popularity of Glowforge, but maybe task someone with doing videos of the Glowforge in action to tide us over till we get out own.

A daily video showing different materials and designs. Maybe take user requests of a material to try etc etc.

Good for promoting too. I just can’t get enough. :smile:


Keep an eye on They announced in yesterdays podcast that they made another visit to Glowforge last week and will be posting the video this week. I’m sure someone will post the link in the discussion once it’s up.

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Yes! There are only so many someones at glowforge, so anyone posting videos isn’t making glowforges. : )


No (new) video but here’s the link to the in depth article.


I agree with this 100%. We all understand that people posting videos aren’t making glowforges…but 3 - 6 months is a long time to wait for a $2500 item. I think if you don’t post something every few days to keep people interested…and to prove that some of the features you are talking about actually work (ie. two sided cutting), that as the next 2 - 4 months tick by, you are going to have a lot of people backing out and wanting refunds. Especially if another company comes out with a similar product in the next few months, who can offer delivery sooner.

Just my two cents. You have our money, because you made claims, and gave us a glimpse… and by holding our interest, showing us every few days, something worth seeing…(as the original poster said, perhaps take requests for materials to cut, etc)…that is what will allow you to keep that money.

Good thing you have all those millions to hire an intern to address some of the PR blindspots? :wink:

Amen. I am not sure how patient the rest of you folks are (and I knew before I ordered how long it was going to take), but without some very regular reinforcement, I may just fold before it gets here. I assume that once GF gets the units out to the first customers (maker spaces, etc) that we will start getting some videos from them…but in the mean time…seriously guys…lets see SOMETHING to keep me interested.

Ok…I am done with my rant.

tripped across a couple more videos last night on Mark Frauenfelder’s channel. I believe he works for Boing Boing,

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Sometimes it’s worth just cancelling a customer’s order and giving them back their money. These types of customers, not investors, will be the same ones to continually complain once the product is in hand. I shelled out $4000 and don’t need the emotional pacifier of a video every other day to quell my inner toddler.

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