You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

Fellow Glowfolks, I can finally call an end to wait! Majora has arrived!
…and with all 4 handles, no less. :grin: Dang near perfect box too.

We spent a hot minute coming up with a name for it, and Majora won the draw from the hat(so to speak). We are huge Legend of Zelda fans, so expect a related Majora’s Mask escutcheon to show it off.


My total laser machine experience is around 3 or so years, and I have to really applaud the Glowforge team for releasing an easy-to-use product. I know it’s not quite complete and polished, but this is really a product that puts a mind at ease.

Gift of Good Measure on :proofgrade:acrylic after making it on :proofgrade:maple:

Our drawers are full of :proofgrade: and Inventables materials, but who knew after 2 years we would draw blanks on what to make :sweat_smile: Nonetheless, a few things have made their way across the Glowforge.

:proofgrade: Draftboard turned into a fridge magnet:

Tried a quick photo engrave of our cat, Sargeant Pepper. :proofgrade: Maple:

There were a few other things that were made, but were already gifted off. I need to remember to take photos before they leave the house, haha.

Alright, the numbers.
Ordered: Day 29
Golden Email: 11/03
Tracking Email: 12/06
UPS MyChoice: 12/05 (cannot stress enough the fact about signing up for this)
Initial Delivery Date: 12/11
Actual Delivery Date: 12/09

Overall, I can say the wait was tough, but like others can attest it’s worth it. No regrets.

Bonus: (Inventables Black on Glow-in-the-Dark acrylic)



Hitting the ground running! Congrats!

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I’ll say! Quite a collection of impressive projects! :grinning:

I can’t believe you did all that in two days! I feel like such a slacker.

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Shoot, there are some others that have busted out more intricate projects than me.
They make me feel like a slacker. :laughing:
It feels great seeing a healthy population receive their machines and see what everyone will use the :glowforge: for.

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That box is as crisp as I have seen, not even dirty! I have to try some of that glow in the dark acrylic.

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Good to know I’m not the only one that named their glowforge after someone in the zelda series! Congrats, can’t wait to see more zelda themed things from you!

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Your cat is quite a photogenic one, flashing all those nice (and somewhat terrifying) teeth. Looking forward to your Zelda escutcheon!


Slight update to our first week with the Glowforge. I decided to do a lighter engraving of my cat’s photo(this time including our other cat Ozzy) and wanted to do it on :proofgrade:Basswood this time. I think they came out better than the first time, and now reside on our fridge as magnets.

After some Photoshop adjustments:

I spent most of my recent time perfecting this :proofgrade: acrylic/walnut inlay of the Sheikah symbol from Legend of Zelda. I didn’t quite have an intent for the final product, but they are the perfect coaster size or maybe an ornament.

I have to say, that the translucent blue acrylic is amazing! Paired with the walnut, it looks great. It even has a purple hue when you hold it over fluorescent light.


We’ll see what else we complete this weekend!


Awesome job! (Definitely partial to your kitty prints!) :smile:

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Wow, those are some fantastic inlay coasters–love the pairing!

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These look awesome! :metal::metal:

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Phew, now that these presents are complete and given to excited recipients, here are 2 more things I have worked on recently.

Isla Del Encanto - :proofgrade: Maple, non-proofgrade Wenge and Paduak. (gift for mom)

El Coqui - :proofgrade: maple, :proofgrade: Draftboard, Wenge and Paduak. (gift for grandma)

I lasered custom hangars for both, which let the pieces stand off the wall. :grin:

They were both very excited about their presents, so they made me hang them up on the wall immediately :laughing:

Doing inlays is a lot of fun and the settings have been pretty consistent throughout different materials. Let’s see what tomorrow brings!


Yay, here is the last gift for a friend of mine. He and I run a Youtube channel about kayak fishing, so I wanted to make him an artpiece to hang in his office. It’s comprised of our state and our logo.

We(girlfriend and I) got a little carried away on the packaging :grin: We made a custom stamp from Draftboard and a small tag. I believe we used craft paper to wrap it.
(and yes, that is a handmade tassel :+1:)

I was inspired by this map, but wanted a more geometric design for the elevation. It was exported as polys and I spent some time deleting some stray strokes. Texas doesn’t have much elevation variation, but you can see a difference standing a few feet away. The piece is about 10"x10". Amazon, as always, is a great resource for components like the standoffs.


I did finally get around to testing out this bathymetric map, and I’m pleased on this first test.
I want to make a huge one for a side table, but there’s some details I want to hash out before I drop some dough on the materials.

:proofgrade: Maple Plywood and acrylic; box frame is :proofgrade: Draftboard

I’m glad the gifts are complete! breathes sigh of relief


Love the Texas graphic, and those stand-offs really set it apart!
(Also, great job on the tassel! I gotta go learn that trick)


That geometric elevation is amazing! Love all of the packaging details too.

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It’s close, but that frog is da bomb! :grinning: