Zen (Andy Birkey) PPE holder

From the moment I saw @dwardio post his crash test dummy PPE holder I knew I wanted to do something like it.

I wanted positive reinforcement so I ask Andy if I could use his makers mark because he is the most Zen maker I know and he loved the idea, so here we are.


Nice addition to your slat wall!

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This would be so useful for the times I go out in the garage to cut down some ply and spend 15 minutes searching for the ear muffs…


You should totally make one and put your own spin on it.

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Hahaha, very cute!

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The struggle is real. I essentially have two workplaces so almost everything is duplicated in both.
Then when you cannot find what you are looking for in either area, the teeth start grinding.

Nice to make an organizer but everything in it’s place takes massive dedication or an inkling of OCD. I seem to lack both.
Only thing to add would have been bright yellow or orange paint before engraving.
It would stand out better and possibly assist in your massive dedication (aka reminder).