Zippo engraving (with jig export file)

Made a Jig for engraving Zippo lighters as i needed to do over 20 engravings

I used the settings from this post

This is one of the prototype lighters, on the finished lighters the artwork is correctly aligned:

And here the Glowforge Export

Zippo Jig

To use the Jig align it with the bottom door and the left edge of the crump tray


It would be more efficient to make just an “L”-shaped jig, and lay several lighters side-by-side. Combine the graphics into one bitmap, and the machine can do several in each pass.

You’d need to fiddle with the spacing to ensure they are all perfectly centered, but testing on cardboard, for example, wouldn’t cost anything. Instead of engraving the entire graphic for the test, create a box that perfectly borders the design, and use that to get the spacing right.


the engravings were all individual and i didn’t have all the designs at the same time so it worked out pretty good with this jig, maybe i’ll do another one for like a whole tray of them :slight_smile:


Thanks for the share. That turned out great!


Are the Zippos coated already or are you adding a coating to them? I didn’t have good luck with attempting to ceir mark or dry moly coat mine


I buy them powder coated and use regular masking tape to protect it while engraving

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