Zoo Escape File

Hi, I am trying to open the Zoo Escape file to print but it seems the only thing in the file is the box for the game. Has anyone else had issues with it or can anyone help me out. Im a premium member and id like to make it as a gift but it seems the file is missing content. All help appreciated.

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There are more than one files in your Dashboard for the Zoo Escape. They are probably not next to each other, but look through everything and see if you don’t find the other files.


Thanks for that, they were indeed scattered throughout my dashboard. Frustrating but thank you.

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Write a letter to support@glowforge.com asking for a folder system. Explain why it’s needed. We’ll eventually get one…maybe.

The first request for folders in the official support forum (that I can find) was Oct 2017, so any day now…


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