Zoom 1000%!

Thanks for upping the zoom to 1000%! That is a big big help!


You should make this a new thread in #problems-and-support. That’s where we have been told to put feature requests as it’s the only place to be guaranteed to be seen by staff.

ok, thanks, I will. I started by just saying how I loved the zoom and then it turned into a wish item, my calibration drifted :slight_smile:

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Oh man, that’s about time. GF staff, you should be making a bigger deal of these things.

Ah, now if only they’d let us zoom out by a couple more steps too…

I second that, and add 2000% zoom, I use my scraps wisely and it helps squeak little shapes into weird shaped scraps. One more thing, since shapes highlight in cyan, if the current shape highlighted is already cyan, change highlighted color to the opposite color (red), I hope that made sense.

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