Zoom calls and Glowforge

During all of these Zoom meetings, how cool would it be to have a background pic of a beautiful Glowforge studio? :smiley: I can’t use my own pics because I am not organized right now at all. It would be awful. lol Anyone have one? @dan? lol Get a little product placement? haha


Nice. Or you could make your own by photographing some elaborate background scene on the :glowforge:

Hahaha That could be fun!

Okay, I snapped a pic from my Glowforge office. Maybe we could have a few others post their office pics. I’ll be changing my Zoom tomorrow for fun when I meet with my team. Totally NOT saying this is a beautiful studio. It’s my mess and I work here. :slight_smile:


I’ve been using this.


All too mundane. Zoom backgrounds can be looping video, too, right? Someone with a GF Pro needs to point their camera into the passthrough slot during a cut. Then the folks you call can watch you getting lasered inside a giant Glowforge.


Is there any way to use a custom background when hosting from an iPad? I don’t have a laptop or an ip cam for my desktop.

Edit: nevermind. I was using an old version of zoom. It’s working now after updating my iPad version.

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I have been using a video background, too, a clip from the camera on my racing drone as I flew it around the track. But some people have complained the motion makes them nauseous. Not that I care. Just thought I’d mention it is all. :slight_smile:

Background video is very distracting, and considered unprofessional. It’s also a drain on the connection for those that don’t have super high bandwidth.

Of course, if you’re just chatting with kids or whatever, then it doesn’t matter. They have short attention spans anyway. :sweat_smile:

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image image
This is what use to be my Glowforge Studio! Both the shed and GF were totaled, but USAA insurance has been AWESOME and replacements for both are ordered and on the way. Fortunately no one was inside when it happened. Can’t wait to get back to lasering!


Oh my gosh. That’s horrible! But yay for USAA! I love them. (No, we are not military but I sort of inherited the membership, long story.) They have been wonderful for us.


Oh no! Hope everyone is ok, and you can soon go back to making stuff.

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