I’m new to the whole Glowforge community.
Can anyone tell me if the ever used wood from Zwoodnlaser. Is it the right kind.


Welcome to the forum, nice to see you! :slight_smile:

I’ve never bought from this specific seller before but I had a quick look at their site and I’d feel comfortable buying from them. (I can’t speak to it being a good price though as I didn’t pay attention to that.) It looks like they have a good rating and advertise specifically for lasers and that’s a good thing. There is no right kind of wood really, but some work much better than others. Baltic Birch is a mainstay for a lot of laser folks and a good general use material. The Baltic Birch plywood I saw on their site looks good and doesn’t have a lot of gaps in the substrate. Plywoods are not all created equal because some have knots and gaps in the middle which would mess up cutting/engraving and sometimes they use glue that is hard to get through. They other thing to look out for is warpage as that can render a piece of wood almost useless in the laser. I always search for user ratings to look for specific complaints about it. If you do a search for suppliers here in the forum you’ll get a lot of other resources too. Good luck!


Welcome and yes as @kittski said, Baltic Birch is a mainstay for a lot of us.
I’d shop around some price wise, you might beat it delivered and definitely if you live where you can buy it locally.

I cnc cut it as well so I’m seriously considering a 3 hour each way run to atl next time I need it and just pick up 2-3 hundred dollars worth.


Thank you. You have avenged been very helpful. :blush:


Thank you. I’m visiting in Texas for a few months. Had my Glowforge shipped here. Not sure where I can get it locally. But, I will research it. :blush:


Welcome to the forum! You will enjoy finding the many materials to use in your Glowforge.

Looking at their site there are a wide variety of prices for what appears to be the same stuff, Hard to go wrong with BB but I wonder at their pricing and service. Please report back if you go there.

I sure will. Thank you.

Thank you

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I’m very new at all this. How do you get your own projects on so you can cut them out

Start here:

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