1/16” acrylic settings

Hi. I ordered some samples from Johnson’s plastics plus and there is some 1/16” acrylic. Has anybody cut it before and what settings would I use? Thx

I used 280 speed at full power on a Basic last time I cut 1/16” acrylic …

… but, you would be best served by learning to test for settings on any given material yourself:


I use the two color stuff quite a lot and have saved some parameters as first attempt numbers. If you find some that are bang on you can save them in the custom selection as shown.

Color matters. There are some start point numbers in this old thread below that should at least get you to a good place to start.


Brokendrum… You just changed the game for my newest earrings!! THANK YOU!! That engraving setting on the 1/16" came out like BUTTAHHHH! OMG. thanks!

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Butter doesn’t laser very well. You can barely read the engraving I did on top of this stick.


I have saved settings for 1mm and 1/16" acrylic varieties and they are different. I tested to come up with them. I have a Pro so it would depend on which machine you have. I use a fair bit of Plastikote and my settings are similar to what evermorian posted, but FULL on a Pro is more power than you get on a basic.

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