2020 Christmas Ornament

Two notes:

  • If you resize this, I don’t recommend going smaller because it’s too prone to breakage.

  • IMO this needs color to make the intricate areas easier to see (but my glasses need to be changed, so do what works for you, Haha!) I chose to use white primer and then a white iridescent glitter to make it more closely look like a snowflake. The underexposed photo is to show the glitter slightly better (pics do not do it justice). :laughing:

P.S. Just in case anyone doesn’t see the words (the pics aren’t the best, sorry) it says 2020 Sucked.
I hope there isn’t any rule I’m breaking by using the word “sucked.” :smiley:

2020 Sucked Ornament

P.P.S. The file didn’t upload so I’ve uploaded it again. The design should be roughly 3.5" in width minimum.


Lol, that’s awesome, and “sucked” is much nicer than the one I made! If you meant to leave the file, I’m not seeing it…But I love this ornament!


ohhhh what happened? I added it but something went wrong. I’ll fix that now! It’s late and I guess I need to go to bed. lol


Thanks for sharing this intricate design.


Now that’s making treasure out of a trashed year!


awesome thanks for sharing.

Yes. Yes it did, but your ornament doesn’t. Thanks for the share.

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You right I did not. Thankfully you know it well and reminded me lol. I’m asking because I did download one the other day that gave explicit permission to use it for personal or commercial use :slight_smile:

As always I appreciate your reply :slight_smile: