22mm in Illustrator prints ~18mm on the forge

I’m struggling with scale between illustrator and the glow forge. I’ve read a lot about the 72 vs 96dpi issues, and the “responsive” check box when saving as or exporting as an SVG file. Responsive is NOT checked, but when I save/export the file as an SVG in MM or Inches, it’s smaller on the print than on the illustrator screen.
In Addition: I created a circle with a 22mm diameter. I then converted the dartboard to pixels, and I see the circle at ~62.32px. When I tested, and did a google search for px per MM, I see a lot of variety, but ~76px seems much closer. When I make and then print that test file in px, I get the size I’m looking for in the print.

Maybe my default 12x20 artboard is messed up (also has the same issues if it is in metric)? Is there anyway to make Illustrator’s MMs match Glowforge’s MMs? This is pretty frustrating, especially considering that most people find the resolution with the “responsive” toggle…

circletest2.svg.zip (1.8 KB)

First thing I noticed is that your artboard is reported in Illustrator as being 20x11.97" - and in the source code as width=“1440px” height=“861.732px” - 864px should translate to 12" in Illustrator (864 / 72 = 12).

They put together a software identification thing back in the day to help with resizing issues like this. Pixels are an almost meaningless value here. Illustrator uses 72 pixels per inch to represent an inch. Chrome uses 96. Inkscape used to use 90.

The resizing issues, in this case, stem from everything being in a pixel-measurement, which leaves the rendering up to the program.

Glowforge implemented a workaround for this sometime back, which, as you guessed, is using a 20x12" artboard. When it sees these artboard dimensions, it knows how to properly scale the pixel based elements in the file.

It’s not actually the 20x12 artboard that is required, but the aspect ratio (5:3).

As for how your artboard got to 11.97", I’m not sure, but it sounds like it may be just a MM to IN translation issue.

See if this works better for you - the only thing that I changed was in the source code, changing the artboard dimensions from 861 to 864.

circletest2.svg 2.zip (1.9 KB)


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